Thursday, 12 January 2017

Highwayman available for review on NetGalley

Highwayman, my next release, is available to reputable reviewers on NetGalley.

Here is the link: Highwayman by Craig Saunders on NetGalley.

Here's the cover:

Here's the blurb:

Legends never die. There's a highwayman who still roams ancient, lost forests. He's a murderer, a dead man who forgot to die. 

Once, he killed a girl called Madeline Rose Goodman. 

Now her father is the only one who can stop her killer. He might have to die to do it, lose all that he has left, but he won't face the highwayman alone. 

In a world where the old things still hold sway, good men will never have to fight alone.

And there's a short sample in the cunningly titled 'samples' section above.

All review requests will have to be approved by the publisher, DarkFuse. I don't deal with DarkFuse review requests, so please don't message me - requests have to go through the link!

Share appreciated, too, but I won't bung you a fiver.

Love you, and thank you :)

Monday, 9 January 2017

Dark Fable and Fable Books from me:

Just another quick update:

Set up two imprints for my independently published work:

Dark Fable (horror and dark fiction)

Fable (for fantasy works)

That's it for now. 

Love you.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Coming Soon in Audiobook and Print -

Another quick update on my 'getting up to speed' stuff:


Two new audible titles approved:

(Vigil) Narrated by Lee David Foreman

(The Love of the Dead) Narrated by Molly King

Both titles will be available through Audible, Amazon and iTunes as soon as ACX has run its checks.

New audible contracts:

Chris Barnes, who is working on 'A Stranger's Grave' has agreed to read for the complete 'Line of Kings' trilogy, which is comprised of 'The Outlaw King', 'The Thief King' and 'The Queen of Thieves'.

I'm currently in talks regarding possible audiobook versions of all novellas, too, and the DarkFuse titles 'Masters of Blood and Bone', 'Left to Darkness' and 'Highwayman' will be available this year, as will 'Hangman' (Not DarkFuse - details, sort of, below).


The Outlaw King and The Thief King are ready for paperbacks. I'll put these out when I've got enough spare to order and check over proof copies!

The Queen of Thieves won't need anywhere near as much work, so that will follow shortly after, as will an omnibus paperback edition of the complete trilogy.

A Home by the Sea (paperback) will be out at the same time as Outlaw and Thief.

Amazon have a new feature available to independent authors to issue paperbacks through them. I'm going to try this out with the four volumes of collected fiction I have out:

Dead in the Trunk
Angels in Black and White
Dark Words
The Cold Inside

I'm releasing first paperback editions of novellas which haven't been printed before (Death by a Mother's Hand, Days of Christmas)


I'll be issuing paperback versions of all novellas out of print at the moment - A Scarecrow to Watch Over Her, The Walls of Madness and Insulation (Insulation was only printed as part of an anthology).


Highwayman won't be long, and the companion novel 'Hangman' is in the works. More news on that very soon - vague, sorry, but while publication has been agree, I need to finalise the contract.


Pig, Ghost Voices, and the conclusion to the Rythe Quadrilogy (Beneath Rythe) will be out this year

Love you. x