Sunday, 12 August 2018

Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Anti-Writing


It was a dark and stormy night, but somewhere else and not where the story was set at all. Where the story was set, which was on a blog, it was hot as balls. Like the bayou, but only in underwear.

It was a writer who was writing the story, overthinking everything. He kept a gun in his pants, because Alfred Hitchcock indicated in a McGuffin style speech once that he should.

Chapter 2

SUDDENLY! As if by some catastrophic failure of mental hardware, the writer blurted out something in a strange accent that wasn't even his. 'Aye ham very well-educated,' in a blurty fashion, was what he said when he said it back then, in the speech marks. He used a long word, then, but irrelevantly and only thought it.

Hmm, he thought. That was perpendicular, and quite unnecessary to the story he cut that part and noted 'TLDR' in the edited version.

Then, he put upon his sparsely-haired head a Burberry patterned trilby while he prepared to leave the library in the west wing of his caravan, which he didn't have, and he wasn't in the library, but it would have had books had it been interesting at all, but it wasn't. He'd cut that later, too. He resolved to spent less time blogging and more time working, but he wouldn't get the chance because of foreshadowing!

Hitching up his pants before setting out, he shot off his cock.

The End.


Love you.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

R.I.P. 'Drift Glass'

Not often I get to do an obit for two long stories in a week, or month, even, but the first draft of this is done. I'm doing the second through the night, and a final check tomorrow to send to Tor. I have rather large expectations of rejection, but I'm doing it anyway. It's near-future military scifi noir with a touch of space exploration, I guess. I suck at categories. I don't know. Haven't quite figured out how to pitch that.

Either way, 'Drift Glass', RIP.

Here's a picture. Gotta have a picture. This is Igor Sobolevsky, whose work I love...just like I love you.

Friday, 10 August 2018

R.I.P. 'It Always Rains when the Circus Comes to Town'

It's basically magic space clowns. That'll do for an explanation. I wrote it with Tor's open window in mind, and finished about a week ago...

...and, it's not that I don't like it (it's magic space clowns, what's not to like?) I just didn't feel it'd fit with Tor, and I didn't want to waste the chance. I sat down last Sunday and started something else  instead, which I've got 'til this Sunday to finish. I'm not far off, and I don't know if I made the right choice writing something else, or if it'll make a difference either way, but what the hell. Worth a shot and a few late nights. Right?

Yeah, I don't know, either.

It Always Rains when the Circus Comes to Town is done, though, so whatever I decide to do with it won't be wasted, and fingers crossed I'll get the current one finished to submit, and be able to write a little obit on that (in time!).

Love you...back to work.

Monday, 23 July 2018

PERMAFREE books project

Here's the list of all books I've made permafree so far:

Vigil (post-apocalyptic time travelling vampires)
The Dead Boy (post-apocalyptic horror)
The Outlaw King (old school heroic fantasy)
Rythe Awakes (old school heroic fantasy)
Lore (space opera with a dash of adventure)

All are permafree on Amazon and all other platforms.

I just made Lore available in paperback. All the others are already available in paperback.

Vigil and The Dead Boy are available in audio formats, too, from Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

Here's the Lore paperback wrap and link:

Paperback Links:

Lore will also be released in Audio format, and Mike Fallek has signed up to narrate.

The last book I will put permafree is 'Hangman', the 1st of a trilogy, but I can't do that until September as it's tied into Amazon until then. 

Love you. x

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Wide availability of my books...

I'm working on putting some of my work permafree on Amazon and other platforms, and have taken some others out of KDP Select (an Amazon program) so that I can make those books available at other sales sites.

I have 'UBL's which open a page to links for all sites selling/listing each work.

Those that will be free everywhere:

The Dead Boy
The Outlaw King
Rythe Awakes

Hangman will be free, too, but it's tied into exclusivity with Amazon until August.

Paid books widely available are:

The Walls of Madness
The Cold Inside
The Rythe Quadrilogy Boxed Set
A Home by the Sea
The Love of the Dead
A Stranger's Grave

I'll be adding 'Bloodeye' and 'Masters of Blood and Bone' to the paid novels in August, when they're no longer exclusive with Amazon.