Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Reading 'The Mirror and the Chair' from 'Trapped Within', a charity anth...

Me, reading words from a book.

PIG by Craig Saunders and Edward Lorn

Here you go. PIG. Craig and Edward, sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Sort of. Actually, I sat in my shed, Edward sat in his office. I'm in Norfolk, England, he's in Alabama, U.S.A.

There was literally zero kissing, but we did manage to write a novel together. 

Here's the skinny:


A quiet town, the kind of place old folk go to watch the sea roll in and the years roll out. The kind of place guys like the man in the pig mask can make an easy dime, or an easy killing. 

An ancient entity...

An inhuman intelligence crawls up the shore and sprawls over Pointvilla. A thing capable of stealing bodies, and drawing minds into one, into it - the MIND. An intelligence pulling Pig Mask inward as others swirl around Pig himself, like he’s a planet, a force, and the rest are drawn by gravity. 


Ray and Bill are kin. The entity might understand loneliness, and the drive to consume and kill and torment...but it doesn’t understand brothers and sisters. It doesn’t understand siblings. Some people are tied together by more than blood. 

In a town at one with the Mind, survival comes down to brothers and sisters and old dudes with a penchant for good weed.

There. That sounds alright, doesn't it? Here are the links:

The paperback will be along forthwith, as will the Audio, which the wonderful Molly King will be reading.

I'll post another, erm, post, about this in a few days.

Love you.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Summer Promotion (2017) #2

Morning. Hmm, isn't it? Lovely. Lovely morning.

There, pleasantries done and dusted.

I made paperback versions of 'The Outlaw King', 'The Thief King', and 'The Queen of Thieves'. I don't expect anyone but me actually wanted this to happen, but it did, and I'm happy with them.

Here's the rub, though - all three would cost £28 (ish). Which, to me, seems prohibitively expensive, because Amazon hates paperbacks, or something, maybe. BUT...I have a cunning plan.

I created The Line of Kings Omnibus Edition, which costs £19.99. That's £8 cheaper for you...and I earn exactly the same amount in royalties as I would if you were kind enough to buy all three stories separately.

Anyway, if you want to have a copy to hold, that's my suggestion. Edited by Faith Kauwe, cover art by Chris Taggart, cover mash-up by me. I'm really pleased with all of them, but at 800+ pages, the Omnibus is a beast and it's my favourite of the bunch.

That's probably enough of that. Other things: PIG by Edward Lorn and Craig Saunders - I'm working on the paperback formatting right now. The cover, edits, Kindle versions are all DONE. It will be all up in you within ONE WEEK. 

More to come on that, obviously. 

I'll be making a short YouTube video about PIG and The Line of Kings very soon. 'Summer Promotion #1' I said all my books will be up for free - this includes The Line of Kings and the three separate novels. So you don't even have to buy the paperback. Honestly, I'll be very happy if you do, and it's not that I don't want you to. I just feel bad about people giving me money because I'm mentally ill. 

Buy PIG, though, eh? Edward's not mental and he needs to eat. 

AND...Red Ice Run is around 10% shy of 'The End'. That should be done within the week, too, and then it'll be over to Ryan for a third, and most likely, final draft. 

Love you.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Summer Promotion (2017) #1

I'm running a free promotion from July 11th (tomorrow) until September 5th (my BIRTHDAY - 45!).

Because I have a fairly healthy back catalogue, this means I have enough work out to give away at least two titles at all times during the summer, even without the DarkFuse titles (these are not included in my promotion, but are DF are running a separate promotion at $2.99 for novels and $1.99 for novellas).

Here's the list. Follow me on Amazon, or just check Amazon over the summer to find a title you might like, or buy a DF title at the discounted rate.

Highwayman (Darkfuse)
The Dead Boy
Left to Darkness (The Oblivion Series #1) - Darkfuse
Masters of Blood and Bone - Darkfuse
Cold Fire
A Home by the Sea
A Stranger's Grave
The Love of the Dead
Spiggot, Too

UNIT 731 - Darkfuse
Death by a Mother's Hand
Flesh and Coin - Darkfuse
Bloodeye - Darkfuse
Deadlift - Darkfuse
A Scarecrow to Watch over Her
The Walls of Madness
Days of Christmas

As Craig R. Saunders:
The Outlaw King (The Line of Kings Trilogy Book One)
The Thief King (The Line of Kings Trilogy Book Two)
The Queen of Thieves (The Line of Kings Trilogy Book Three)
Rythe Awakes (The Rythe Quadrilogy Book One)
The Tides of Rythe (The Rythe Quadrilogy Book Two)
Rythe Falls (The Rythe Quadrilogy Book Three)

Short Fiction Collections:
The Cold Inside
Dead in the Trunk
Angels in Black and White
Dark Words

Lastly, I've been quiet here and on YouTube, because I've been in a rut, but I've been working regardless and I'll post more in 'Summer Promotion (2017) #2.

Love you.