Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rain by Craig Saunders...coming December!

Coming soon from Crowded Quarantine!

That's it.

Just thought I'd share this spiffing poster that Adam Millard made. Really chuffed with it, and super, super chuffed with the quote from Bill Hussey :D

Love you!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Coming soon from Anachron Press.

There...swore I'd do something epic today...

Epic cover. Done. Thanks to Colin F. Barnes for the cover and everything else. 

Sample coming soon...soon after that? It'll be on sale. 

Stuff coming up: Blogs over on the Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog. The Noose and Gibbet. Rain's out for Christmas (sample on the right). A Home by the Sea is scheduled for a March 2013 release. I'll be signing in Cardiff at ComicCon - come along if you're in the neighbourhood - I bet I'm more shy than you are. Come along, and we can have a competition to see how long we can go without talking. 

Endorsement and afterword just done for Matt Shaw's awesome on-going memoir, 'Still Fine'. 

The edits are in for The Dead Boy. I'm going to turn those in next week. I'll update with cover reveals, etc, when they happen, and of course, publication dates. 

Interview coming up with Crowded Quarantine Publications' very own Adam Millard. 

At some point I promise to find the time to write!

Rythe in Chaos is my next project...unless someone pays me to write something else first. 

Um...how's that? Consider yourselves up-to-date with my doings. There's other stuff, but seriously, that's enough to be going on with. 

Oh, and I've got the hump tonight, in case you can't tell from my dour face. I still love you, though. x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

River deep, Mountain Dew high...

Evening, three followers ;)

I'm tripping my nuts off on Mountain Dew, being of a non-pop drinking persuasion. Thought I'd write a little missive on the perils of drugs, but I seem to remember, in a hazy sort of way, that I did that before over on petrifiedtank - back in the old days. 

I was reading through the final draft of Rain today, which is out this December, and I realised there were vast tracts of unremembered text in the manuscript. I kept thinking, 'hey, that's pretty good...who wrote that?' 

Turns out it was me. All me. The disappointing thing was that I was entirely straight when I wrote Rain. I haven't taken drugs for nearly ten years. I barely drink anymore...I used to do both, quite a lot, but then I went and spoiled it. 

One of the nefarious side effects of Mary Jane, my drug of choice back when I was a nipper, is memory loss. So now I can't remember a damn thing. 

Which is odd, because I can write without taking any notes, and keep track of plots and characters no problem. A nifty trick which I appreciate. 

In a round about way, I'm pre-pimping Rain - check out the cover below. The awesome Bill Hussey has provided the cover quote. He is one of my horror heroes. I don't have many heroes, but he's someone I've been in awe of for a long time - ever since reading 'Through a Glass, Darkly' - my favourite horror novel of all time. 

I was blown away that he agreed to endorse my work. I think I've rambled quite enough for a while - now, my dear three followers, you know a little more about my seedy past than you did before, and get a preview of the final cover of Rain before release. 

As always, love you. :D

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Getting there...not sure where!

Just a short little note to say I've updated all I need to update on this, the new blog - all links over on the right should be 'connected'...

Searching my (slow) brain for any other exciting news...coming up empty today.

I'll blog a little more later in the week with some news, hopefully...

Love you!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New gig!


Short post today - I've got a new gig, a spot on HHHB to talk about, well, stuff.

Pop over and show some love, if you will, and I'll love you right back ;)


Irrelevant? Yep. But, say goodbye...for the first time, I'm going to pay for a decent cover for one of my books.

I made this myself. Can you tell? ;)

Time to shell out some cash! 


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Competition! Free stuff!

Here's the link:

Craig Saunders Author

Go there, click 'like' to be in with a chance to win a signed copy of The Walls of Madness (sample over there on the right).

How's that for simple?

Won't cost you anything...apart from the price of a house, an internet connection, a PC, and the time sucked out of your life that you just spent reading this inordinately long sentence.


Love you!

Oh, here's the song I listened to as I was writing this...give you something to do while you wonder what the hell I'm on.

Black Snake by John Lee Hooker

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Autumn: Horror in the East

I think this is going to be a short post...we'll see where it goes.

I went to my first convention today...my first convention of any kind - this one happened to be a horror convention.

As I was nervous as hell, Mrs S. came along to hold my hand (and buy me a steadier on the way ;). We stopped in a pub on the A12 called the Foxburrow. It wasn't shit, it wasn't great...just standard fare all the way. The Guinness was great, though.

Mrs S. and I dawdled somewhat on the way, but we found it OK - drove past the first time because we expected the venue to be a little more imposing. It was in a small business centre on a school's grounds...not the most impressive building, but as it turned out, for a nervous writer like me, it was just about perfect. It was small, but because it was small it was intimate.

I got to meet Adam and Zoe-Ray Millard, the family team behind one of my publishers - 'Crowded Quarantine Press'. They were absolutely charmers, and looked after myself and Mrs S. a treat. So, a big thank you to them.

We met Rich Hawkins and his lady friend, too - he's an up-and-coming writer in the CQP stable, too, along with me. And...here comes the list of people I stalked :)

Conrad Williams - author of One. It's the only book of his I've read, but it was a cracker.
Joseph D'Lacey - author of MEAT. Only book of his I've read, too, and that was a doozy.
David Moody, Iain McKinnon, Sean Page...to name but a few.

There were four panels (I think!) - Zombies, the Apocalypse, What is Horror? and the last on the publishing industry. I really enjoyed all four - I didn't think I would, to be honest, but they were great fun, and the panelists were excellent, without exception.

So, turns out this was a medium-sized post...I'm conscious of star-struck rambling, so, here's a picture.

Love you - I'm off!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Time to stop and smell the dead...

Wotcha, another little test post...

I downloaded two new games from Steam - LEFT 4 DEAD 2...here...zombies!

And, FEAR 2...here...spooky girl!

Both are 'horror' games...I figure I can put it on expenses as 'Research'.

Note to self...I don't get expenses...


On a little side note, I'm really posting this to try out Networkedblog's syndication feature. 

On another side note...I'm going to Autumn: Horror in the East on Saturday...hoping to meet a few of my horror heroes! (Stalker!)

Love you!