Thursday, 15 November 2012

River deep, Mountain Dew high...

Evening, three followers ;)

I'm tripping my nuts off on Mountain Dew, being of a non-pop drinking persuasion. Thought I'd write a little missive on the perils of drugs, but I seem to remember, in a hazy sort of way, that I did that before over on petrifiedtank - back in the old days. 

I was reading through the final draft of Rain today, which is out this December, and I realised there were vast tracts of unremembered text in the manuscript. I kept thinking, 'hey, that's pretty good...who wrote that?' 

Turns out it was me. All me. The disappointing thing was that I was entirely straight when I wrote Rain. I haven't taken drugs for nearly ten years. I barely drink anymore...I used to do both, quite a lot, but then I went and spoiled it. 

One of the nefarious side effects of Mary Jane, my drug of choice back when I was a nipper, is memory loss. So now I can't remember a damn thing. 

Which is odd, because I can write without taking any notes, and keep track of plots and characters no problem. A nifty trick which I appreciate. 

In a round about way, I'm pre-pimping Rain - check out the cover below. The awesome Bill Hussey has provided the cover quote. He is one of my horror heroes. I don't have many heroes, but he's someone I've been in awe of for a long time - ever since reading 'Through a Glass, Darkly' - my favourite horror novel of all time. 

I was blown away that he agreed to endorse my work. I think I've rambled quite enough for a while - now, my dear three followers, you know a little more about my seedy past than you did before, and get a preview of the final cover of Rain before release. 

As always, love you. :D