Saturday, 15 December 2012

Dale Eldon...THE Interview...

Next up we have Dale Eldon. I've known Dale for a good couple of years now, and we've both been sneaking up on the dream: becoming working writers, at the same time. He's a good friend, and a staunch supporter of his fellow writers. I figured it was about time that Dale stepped out into the limelight. He's been featuring writers on his blog for so long, I think he's forgetting he's famous, too!

Here's Dale:

Dale, as always, it's a pleasure, and thank you for agreeing to be a 'test subject' on my blog. First up - can you tell us what you're working on right now?

You betcha, Meester Saunders.

As you know, I love to write things that are in every way creepy. The kinda stuff that makes your skin crawl. A couple of months ago I was in a discussion over a charity anthology, and there was a back and forth over how far to go. Anyways, I threw down one page and immediately wrote something disturbing. I wasn't sure if it would be too much, so I saved it for later. Which it turned out the end call on this said antho is pretty open to what the author come up with. But I had this idea. And so the creepy story of DARK DWELLINGS was born.

As an author and someone who is passionate with my own baggage, I have been going through some dark moods that truly has become my dwelling. I sat down and started writing random feelings and then I my muse stepped in, and I started writing a story that had absolutely nothing to do with me, with the exception of the dark emotions.

From the protagonist to the villain, both are incredibly dark. But they stand at opposite ends of the spectrum. 

You're a big horror fan - who has been the biggest influence to date?

Oh wow, there are so many, from friends to big names.

One of my good friends, Gregory Norris has been a huge source of inspiration, not only as a talented scribe, but as a person.

Rebecca Besser, awesome writer, an amazing friend, and she juggles so much and still has time for her people along with editing and writing. The woman is magic.

Peter Giglio, he is a man who started out much like me, and now he is rising to the top as one of the newest names in horror.

Matt Shaw, I love his honest writing, and his snarkyness. Being a snarky person myself, I can relate. And he too has a story, he has been through a lot, and he keeps putting out kick-ass stories.

There are many more authors of whom I call friend, but the list would go on. To fair, I would be nowhere without them.

Three favourite books – go!

Well, I don't have just three favs, but I will name three of my favorite authors (since I love about everything they write).

Stephen King, Dean Koontz, David Moody, and Philip K. Dick.

Okay that was four, but I paired down quite nicely, I think.

Could you tell us a little about your blogging career, too?

The blogging started out as me trying to build a platform for when I publish my work. It has been a slow road for me, but as I have gotten closer to the beginning, I have spent most of my time showing off my friends, and authors who I love. Helping my pals out as I gain steam. Though as I publish my stories I will be pimping myself on the blog as well :^)

You've been supporting and promoting the horror genre for a long you have any favourite interviewees?

Everyone of you EJP authors have been on the list ;^) Gregory Norris and Gary Brander I have to say are my high points. But outside of the EJP circle, David Moody, Daniel Palmer (son of bestselling thriller author, Michael Palmer) James Christie.

 If you had the chance to start out on this writer's life earlier, would you have taken it?

Hell yes! Though I wouldn't have met so many of you awesome scribes most likely. But I really needed  the group of friends I have now back then. I took too much time writing in circles.

Horror movies - do you have a favourite sub-genre?

Dystopian I find to be the scariest of all. But I do love good creature monster movies. Usually something very different. Like monster from the Creepshow episode, THE CRATE.

What are your favourite three horror films?

The Creepshow movies, Werewolf in London, Fortress, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Oops, four again, must be my new lucky number.

Oh, I almost forgot (he says, not forgetting in the slightest) we're stable mates at Crowded Quarantine want to talk a little about your book with them?

I'm so glad to share another press with you.

Yes I have a novella coming out June 1st called, SMELL OF THE DEAD. It is about a group of scientists who leave their lives behind after being targeted by their employers for assassination. They go to Mount Everest where they plan to fake their deaths, and come back with new identities. However, their work with their former employers catches up, and before they know it, the elements of the highest peak in the world is not their only problem. People die and come back as something... different. Though labeled as zombies, they are nothing like the ones seen on TV.

All that remains is for me to thank you - thank you! Ladies and gentlemen...Dale Eldon has left the building.

Thank you sir! A huge pleasure!

Dale's blog, to find out more about the man...

Dale Eldon

Just a final note from me, now you've read the interview...just couldn't let you go without letting you know I love you! :D