Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Month of Freebies from Craig Saunders!

Morning! Excuse me, if you would...I'm going to do a bit of promo...don't panic, though, it won't cost anything and I promise not to be a pest about it ;) 

In the spirit of the season...I'm running a month of giveaways...
Just go to my Amazon page (US, UK, doesn't matter) and take a peek from 6th December 2012 to 6th January 2013. Every day, guaranteed, a free Kindle download. Keep an eye out, too...The Line of Kings Boxset will be going free, a one time deal, at some point this month. 
Happy Christmas! xxx

Check out the labels/tags on this post to see what I'm giving away over the course of the month. I will never give away The Line of Kings Boxset again (worth $4.99) keep your eyes peeled! 

And, here's a picture of me holding my baby. Love you!