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Awesome Interview with the awesome Eric S. Brown!

I'm truly pleased to have Mr. Eric S Brown featured today. Eric's someone I looked up to since starting out. His output shames many a writer, and he's got some serious talent, too. I consider myself a fan, ever since reading 'A Pack of Wolves'...if you haven't read Eric's work, do yourself a favour and get downloading!

Anyway, enough's my interview with Eric S Brown. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Eric, first up, can you tell us what got you into horror fiction? Was there an epiphany?

ESB:  I was pretty much born loving books, Star Trek, and comics.  They got me through a rough childhood.  I didn’t start writing seriously until I was 26 though at the urging of my wife.  The first story I sent out was a zombie tale and it sold to two places at once. I had to pick which one to let run it and come up with a second tale for the other market.  From there, my fate was sealed.  I spent eight years doing zombies and then switched over to Bigfoot horror.  However, along the way I have written a bit of everything from superheroes to military SF. 

What are you working on right now?

ESB:  Right now, I am working a six issue story arc for Unstoppable Comics’ Storm Chasers series.  Yes, really.  I am writing a comic book and I must say it’s awesome. 

Do you ever work on more than one project at a time?

ESB:  I work on tons of things all at once.  As a guy who pays the bills writing with two kids, you have to.  That way you’re always covered if one falls through plus it really helps keep you on your toes and doing the best work you can. 

You've been writing some movie adaptations lately - how did you get into that?

ESB:  There was Hollywood interest in my Bigfoot War series and talk of it becoming a film someday.  Though that’s still in the works and uncertain at this time, it opened up the door to doing novelizations and script treatments for a couple of studios.  My first novelization was of the Bigfoot horror film BOGGY CREEK.  Being a part of that name was amazing.  I don’t think you can go any higher in Bigfoot horror than Boggy Creek.  My second was of another company's film, The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot.  I played around a lot more with it and gave it a 70's Marvel Comics Horror feel.  The last one I did was for an as yet not in production script called Bloop.  It’s kind of a twisted horror take on Godzilla style stuff with warriors nuns.  I hope to do some more work of this type in the future.  We’ll see how it goes.

Famously (well, among your fans, perhaps) you're a massive comic fanboy - who would you like to work with from the comic world, given the chance?

ESB:  Man, writing for DC Comics someday is why I got into all this in the first place.  I have a Wonder Woman arc I have worked on for a long, long time and if I ever make it to DC, it’s my dream to see it in print and added to her mythos. 

Serious question, on earth do you do it?! Do you have a formula, or do you write by the seat of your pants?

ESB:  I am very much a wing it kind of guy.  I let my characters tell their own stories and the worlds build themselves.  I try to give all my work a very fun and fast-paced kind of style that any genre fan will hopefully enjoy because they’re the kind of tales you don’t see a lot in the mainstream that you have always wanted to.  Bigfoot War is a prime example of this.  It’s like the zombie apocalypse really only with bigger, tougher creatures that I hope are a lot more scary. 

Can you tell us what the future holds for you?

ESB:  Right now, the agent is shopping my first full length novel which is Military SF in terms of genre, scripting the Storm Chasers comic book, and awaiting the release of the limited hardcover of the A Pack of Wolves series, the reprinting of my book The Zombie Farm, and the release of Bigfoot War IV: Legion from Coscom Entertainment. 

As a working writer, do you find you have to take on projects that perhaps you are, let's say, less enthusiastic about?

ESB:  Sometimes that happens yeah but you still got to do your best and make it as fun and awesome of the reader as you can. 

And, lastly, all that remains is for me to say a massive thank you to Eric for featuring on my blog today. Thank you.

ESB:  And thank you for having me drop by.

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