Sunday, 20 January 2013

Interview with David Bernstein!

OK, long time reader ;) - let's try this for the new year...

Here's my interview with the amazing David Bernstein!

Hope you enjoy it...he's a lovely fella, and I've had the pleasure of reading his work - it's really rather good.

First up, what are you working on right now?

Actually, 2 projects. A novel called “Witch Island” and a novella called “The Tree Man.” Oh, and putting the final touches on “Machines of the Dead 2.”

Can you tell us a little about your latest release?

“Amongst the Dead” is an undead, horror novel. The main character is a 13-year old girl who must try and survive in a gang-ruled, cult-filled, world—oh, and there’s lots of zombies roaming around too.

Are you now a full-time, working writer? If not, is that the dream, for you? And if you are, what's it like, living the dream? ;)

I’m writing full time, that’s for sure, but I still have a day job. Now with that being said, I do get a lot of writing done at my job, so I’m lucky in that regard. And YES, it would be a dream to be able to write for a living!

Who is your muse? Do you have a muse, or are you a mojo man?

For some reason a lot of people like to use “muse.” I don’t see it like that or maybe I just don’t have one. I get ideas and want to see them come alive. Writing, wanting to tell a story—for a writer, is like running for an athlete or swimming for a fish. It’s like there is no reason or method, it’s just something that seems to be taking place naturally.

You write some seriously kick-ass zombie stories...can you tell us about the 'Dead' books?

I’ve always liked horror, whether it be sci-fi horror, supernatural horror, or “real-life” horror. At the time I started writing, Zombies were growing in popularity, and let’s face it, they’re a great subject to write about because they deal with survival. People. In my Dead Books, it’s all about the people, what they would do, where they would go, how they would handle themselves, etc. Would criminals become worse? Would good-hearted people stay “good?” I like to explore these things and a world in chaos is the perfect place. AND, it’s just cool to kill zombies.

Do you have any links to your work you'd like to add here, so the reader can find out more about you? 


Do you only 'Traditionally' publish? If so, would you ever consider Indie publishing a novel?

I have a book of short stories I put out by myself called “Another Man’s Wife plus 3 Other Tales of Horror.” My novels are all traditionally published, but I wouldn’t be opposed to self-publishing.

Is there anyone working within the horror genre who you'd really like to work with?

John Carpenter. Stephen King.

Who are your influences? Whose work inspires you?

Parents. Girlfriend. The things around me and in my head. There are of course other authors whose works inspires me, but pretty much any good book or movie I pick up can get the juices flowing.

Any person, living or dead: Zombie survival buddy.

My other half. No doubt.

Three essential tools for zombie survival...go!

Food, water, and someone to talk to. (weapons can always be found)

Thanks David Bernstein. It's been a pleasure.

Thanks so much for having me!