Monday, 18 March 2013


It's no secret that I love Aquaman.

Well, alright, yes, it is. It's just I watched the episode of JLA tonight in which he lost his hand. Pretty cool, eh?

But enough about Aquaman. This post isn't about Aquaman at all.

It's not really about anything. Just having a wee ramble, like the olden days. So, today, Mrs S had some pretty awesome news. Can't share, just yet. Not sure if I'll ever be able to share it...kind of an MI5/Bond deal sort of thing, I guess...haha. Well done Mrs S.

But this isn't a post about Mrs S.

It's not about getting on in years, either. I'm a bit long in the tooth, albeit only 40 years young, to be throwing in the towel. I am, however, slightly miffed that the people I know are going great guns, having some amazing successes, and I feel like I've stagnated a little.

To some degree, it's only natural. The kind of fallow period I've always had. No writing, barely any work to speak of...a lot of whining ;)

But I'm getting bored. Starting to get that little itch. Ambition, I think, rather than any particular urge to write (that bug is still annoyingly elusive). I want to be a little bit famous, I think.

Once, I'd submit a short story or a novel before sweating for months on a response. Today, I submitted something entirely different.

A letter to Waterstones, the local newspaper, and the library.

To do a personal appearance!


Yes, you may well laugh. But sometimes, you've got to want something enough to cut off your own hand.


Fuck it, told you I wasn't going anywhere with the Aquaman thing.

Love you! x