Monday, 4 March 2013

Cardiff ComicCon 2013...the aftermath.

We return, triumphant (ish) from an absolutely brilliant weekend at Cardiff Comic and Animation Expo 2013.

Under Crowded Quarantine's umbriferous guts, myself, Adam Millard, and Rich (Stephen) Hawkin(g) signed a book or two, had a hell of a chat, saw some amazing Cosplay (*ahem* Batgirl *ahem*), a terrifying lunatic with a towel (I believe he took a photo of CQP's Zoe-Ray Millard home to show his mother's corpse), a ton of Sailor Moons, Sub-Zero, some seriously amazing people (and, yes, towel man)...

And yes - that's a stormtrooper.!

Darth was there, too.

Turns out, Darth had a bit of a fling with Rich.

It was my first signing event...I don't think it will be the last...I enjoyed it rather a lot.

CQP have in their possession a signed book or two - keep an eye on their website for details of upcoming competitions:

We launched my novel 'A Home by the Sea', too (there's a sample and link to buy on the right hand side of my blog...).

Me, dead in thought...I mean deep. Deep in thought. Yes...

I'm trying to keep it relatively short and sweet - nobody wants a blow-by-blow account of the whole weekend. I guess. 

So, one final picture of the MAN, and a last thank you to the CQP team, Adam and Zoe-Ray Millard, Rich and his wife, and of course my wife (who went, even though she spent the whole weekend terrified of pretty much everything :D )

Cheers to everyone who turned out. xxx

Oh yeah...

Love you!