Sunday, 7 April 2013

Competition Time! The Noose and Gibbet for free.

You know me. Basically, I suck at asking for money, so here's a competition to win one of three copies of my new novel, The Noose and Gibbet, from Anachron Press.


Should you be so inclined to spend actual money, do, please, read on. 

Here's a spiffing picture of the cover:

A quirky, dark horror novel by Craig Saunders

Here's a wonderful intro to the story from the boss at Anachron Press, and I couldn't have put it better myself. He's much better at selling things than me ;) :

The Noose & Gibbet by Craig Saunders is a horror novel unlike anything else in the genre. It’s quirky, darkly funny, grim, occasionally gross, creepy, and above all, hugely entertaining. Craig’s vivid imagination and larger-than-life characters shine in this story of struggle, survival and destiny.


There’s a street sweeper who walks the streets of Frampton. Some see him, some don’t. He’s a preacher too, and he’s preaching death.

People are dying to feed the dark apostle’s faithful. The townspeople find themselves fighting against those who would do them harm in the name of the street sweeper’s dark god.

Warren Johns, the last of a dying breed, knows the dark god’s name and he’s come to fight.

His name is The Hangman, and he rides a dark horse. He holds sway over the town and the one man that can stop him is already too late.

And yet, in the middle of the battle for the town, a young woman and a boy find there are more important things to fight for than just life itself…

Can they stand up to The Hangman and save the town?

Here are a few essential links for spending your money:

The story is, of course, also on Kindle.

Love you...that'll do for now, I reckon. x