Saturday, 20 April 2013

Writing - Hulk Style

Hulk's my favourite Superhero. Well, him, and Iron Man. I'm a Marvel guy, if I'm anything. Though I like the naughtier stuff, too - Preacher and The Boys are my favourite reads for when the kids aren't around.

But, yeah, writing like the Hulk. 

As usual, you're in for a ramble before I get to the point. If I have a point. Long time reader will know that's often the case. 

Hmm...literary endeavours and the Hulk. You wouldn't think it would go hand in hand...but bear with me. 

Case in point: Intelligent, nay, erudite speech...complex sentences and paragraphs of ingenius design. They have their place. Of course they do. 

But, what do people actually *want* to read? 

Sometimes, people read for their betterment, I agree. I'm not suggesting writing idiotic books at all. But, on a personal level, I read almost solely for enjoyment. I admire the works of the 'unwieldy' writer (Iain M. Banks is absolutely phenomenal, but can be hard work to read). I prefer the easy read. Lee Child springs to mind. Simple, short sentences. Bold characters with often simple motivations. 

Well, that's the way I see it. 

Hulk smash. Says it all. Sometimes, you don't need to say more. 

See? I had a point!

(Walks off, shaking head, muttering to self, 'Shitfire, I actually had a point!')

Doesn't happen as often as it should. Short and sweet, without being an idiot. That's what I figure. You go on being all Asgardian with your dialogue and convoluted plots...I'll be over here, smashing things. 

Love you. xxx