Thursday, 30 May 2013

Free Promo Links that Matter...

Here it is: All the links!

Twitter: @petrifiedtank

Full list of books available for free (bar one) through Amazon from June 1st until June 5th 2013 (All Kindle):

The Noose and Gibbet
The Love of the Dead
The Walls of Madness
A Stranger's Grave ($0.99)

Rythe Awakes
Tides of Rythe

Science Fiction:

The Seven Point Star

Short Story Collections:
Dead in the Trunk
The Black and White Box

One request, one request only - if you take advantage of these offers, please leave a review for the work you read...honesty is fine, and reviews really do help authors and readers alike.

Thank you!


Damn right I look rough. You try this lark. 


Oh yeah - love you!