Saturday, 25 May 2013

Free Promotion from June 1st for FIVE DAYS!

The following books will be free from June 1st for five days (Kindle only!): Rythe Awakes, The Tides of Rythe, Evolution, The Seven Point Star, Dead in the Trunk and The Black and White Box. (links to samples available on the right hand side of this 'ere blog).

Also, from August 1st I intend to remove The Black and White Box from KDP Select and make it free to download forevermore. Why? Because I'm hoping it will serve as an intro to my work, and because I don't make a damn penny from it anyway.

I'll probably post A REMINDER on June 1st, but should I forget (entirely possible) let this serve as a little reminder.

Hope you'll try something of mine out, if you haven't before.

And as always, my love for you remains.