Saturday, 18 May 2013

Matt Shaw...the INTERVIEW!

And now, for something completely different: Matt Shaw. Interviewed. On my blog. It is, in fact, a pleasure to be able to do this, because...well, read it, find out why.

Q.   How you doing?


Q. Well, that was nice, wasn't it? What are you writing at the moment?

This blog. You best make me look good. Actually that was a lie. I’m not writing this. I actually have a team of monkey-type critters to do this kind of crap for me. Busy boy and all that.
I’m currently working on these short stories which my readers have asked me to do for them - a new service I am offering people where they pay me a small fee and I write them a personalised story based upon their lives and fears. It’s complicated, it’s a challenge but it’s fun and people seem to love them!

Q. Do you get a kick out of writing horror, or did you want to be a lumberjack?

I wanted to be with a lumberjack. Thanks awfully for reminding me of that sub-species of man. Painful memories of waiting outside the logging factory, for my love, only to be presented with a restraining order.

I like writing horror, though. I enjoy pushing boundaries and upsetting people with some of the more horrific themes I’ve shoved down their throats before now. It’s fun.

Q.   What's your favourite book A: Of yours, B: Some else's? OK, yeah, you can have up to three.

My book: “The Cabin” - actually scared the shit out of me whilst I wrote it. Horrible book.
Someone else’s book: Roald Dahl’s Short Stories. The guy is a genius. Well - was. He’s dead now. Died last week in a terrible paragliding accident.

R.I.P Dahl.

Q.   Just how many books have you written now?

About 40. I think. Four more in the pipeline but doing this whilst working a full-time job and going through a university course. Well - it’s hard.

Q.   Marriage is a sacwed're getting married soon, right? ;) Wanna say hi to your good lady? Knock yourself out.

Princess Bride quote thrown in there. Nice effort.

Hi Marie. Sorry about the whole changing lanes without indicating. Thought you were cool with that. You know - spicing things up. Won’t happen again.

Actually can’t wait to get married. I mean, for one it’s to Marie and she’s great. For a girl. And for another thing (I guess making it a number ‘two’) - we’re doing it in Vegas. VEGAS, BABY!

Q. When are you going to come round for tea?

You mean you’re not coming down here for my Stag-Do on July 13th? Go on, book a hotel. You know you want too. We can get shit-faced together. There’ll be strippers. In fact, fuck it, any blokes who want to come to Southampton on my Stag-Do - let’s do this.

Q.   You are *ahem* a self-publishing veteran now - do you think self-publishing's still got legs?

It’s getting harder but I think it’s here to stay. Will I ever go with a publisher? Sure - one day - I mean, there’s one who wants The Cabin and its follow-up book The Cabin: Asylum to go together, with added material, in a paperback but all is quiet at the moment. Must chase that up. Thanks for reminding me.

Q. Vampires, zombies, serial killers...what's your favourite sub-genre of horror?

I prefer serial killers. I’m playing with vampires at the moment - making them really evil like they used to be before that bird made them all twinkly and shit. I just prefer my horror a little more real. I want people to be able to see the evil in the faces of normal people as opposed to laughing about some fabled creature of the dark. Like when they’re getting an ice-cream from the truck, with their children...I want them to be thinking of my work and wondering whether this guy is pulling lollies from a freezer filled with dismembered parts of his victims.

Q.   What haven't you yet written that you'd like to have a bash at?

Romance - I shit you not. I’m talking tragic type romance though. I like the desperate hope in The Great Gatsby. I like the loss in Romeo and Juliet. I’d love to send my readers on a journey with a loved-up couple just to rip their hearts out at the end.

Q. You draw, too - wanna stick a picture in here, you know, to break up the text a bit so the blog looks nice?

Drew this one for my Auntie who was taken all too soon. As in she died. She wasn’t kidnapped or anything like that.

Q.   Right, winding up now (not you - the interview). Pictures of you, your covers, links, anything at all you want to plop in...go for it. It's your show :)

All of my work can be seen here:

But just come and visit me at:
This is done because A) I look hot (cough) and B) LOOK HOW SKINNY I AM!!!!! BUY A BOOK!!! PLEASE!!! I’M FUCKING STARVING!!!!!

Q.   Who's best looking out of Craig and Matt?

Never mind that. Imagine if we had children. Both of our strengths and none of our weaknesses.

Yep, there you go. Good, isn't he? Lastly - big, big thank you to Matt for being on the blog.

No, thank you. I mean, really. 

And, last word from me - Love you! x