Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Evening. Just a short post. I have fallen off the face of the planet...

Hang on...need a little perspective. My FB account died a death, now FB thinks I'm an impostor, posing as myself. Must be fun working for FB...seeing conspiracies lurking beneath every avatar.

I, on the other hand, am trying to curb my schizophrenic thoughts. I am me, and I'm fairly sure of it, despite FB's insistence to the contrary.

So, that's that. FB is dead, long live all the various other channels by which people communicate - speech and smoke signals spring to mind...

While in Facebook limbo-land, I've decided to crack on with being a writer. The Three Acts of Dying, my Coleridge/Willis follow-up (first featured in The Love of the Dead) is shifting well so far.

And, in other news...

Well, there really isn't that much other news. Just like to say that sometimes, you know. Pretend I'm a news reader or something.

Don't mind me. I don't exist. I've gone rogue ;)

Love you!

Craig Saunders, AKA Craig Saunders.