Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Three Acts of Dying - Progress Report (beep beep beep)

I started this bugger two months ago. In normal circumstances I'd have finished by now. But things have been...mental. It's a good excuse. Honest. Involves my old noggin.

And so, this update is going old school - like the old days, when my blog was an outlet for my rambles, so it shall be today.

First up, little progress on the novel - 4K in two months, plus 4K in the last two days. Feels good to be writing again. It's a fun book to write. Thankfully, I'm comfortable with mix-and-match novels. Yes, it's horror, and yes, it's a sequel to The Love of the Dead, featuring Coleridge and Beth Willis again.

Yes, as you'd suspect, there's a few murders, ghosts, supernatural beings, chubby coppers...and a wizard.

Yep. Fuck it. I want a wizard, I'll have a wizard.

But as to why it's taken me two months to write 8K...there's the rub.

To be honest, I was halfway convinced I was going to kick the bucket at the tender age of 40...me a virgin and all.

Went to the TIA clinic, referred, the doc thinking I was having ministrokes (which isn't the same as masturbating with a small penis), or Transient Ischaemic Attacks.

Here's a picture of a mythical beast which makes a kind of short-lived appearance in The Three Acts of Dying:

Pictured: Manticore. 

Anyway, next up...it's not TIA. So, next check is MRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Big tube, me, whoowhoowhoo...checking right side of my brain because, well, you know, brain tumour. 

Dramatic, eh? It's not a brain tumour, though. MRI came back normal. 

Next check is EEG. Electronencephalography. Basically, the nice people at the hospital are going to try to make me have a fit. To rule out epilepsy and migraines (there are plenty of type of both, and they can monitor each area of the brain). 

Fun times, eh?

Why all the tests? Because the left side of my body keeps going a bit dippy. Numb and rather clumsy, I suppose. 

Hence the tardiness in writing the latest novel. 

There, told you I had a good excuse. 

Love you! 

P.S. Good news is, I ain't even nearly dead, not even a little bit where it doesn't show. 

Cheers for reading!