Friday, 26 July 2013

Mulled Whine/Five Writers I Love

Good title, eh? Took me years to come up with that.

I ain't complaining tonight, though. I'm just sharing a little love. Been a while since I've shared the love. Here's some new stuff for you.

#1. Robert Essig

Robert's one of the nicest guys I've never met. We worked together on Scarecrow and The Madness for Blood Bound Books. He was one of the first 'new' writers I discovered when I decided to give the whole writing thing a decent bash. Have a look at his blog/follow/hunt him down on Amazon. He is really very good.

#2. Gregory L. Norris

Another lovely man, hence the blog post. A mentor in many ways back in the 'early' days (well, about two years ago!) An absolute gentleman, amazingly talented (and prolific) author, and a first and foremost a friend.

#3. Adam Millard

*The* man...not only for his work on my books, but one of the few authors I've actually met. Writes the 'Dead' series of novels, among many other works. Also Head Honcho at Crowded Quarantine. Check out his website. Not sure if he's 'bestselling' author...but he will be. Top 100 on Amazon, and rising. 

Suzanne's pretty cool. Writer, editor, badass and dog owner. She edited 'Read the End First' and wrote the amazing Z-Boat. Keep an eye on her - she's going in the right direction. She's wicked nice, too. 

Awesome author, all-round decent chap. Author of the Unwashed Dead series, among God-knows how many other brilliant books - down and dirty horror of the first order. 

That's is customary in these situations, a last word to follow.

Love you! x