Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Setting Sky by Craig Saunders - R.I.P.

The Setting Sky by Craig Saunders.

Born 23rd August 2013 - Died 25th September 2013.


The Setting Sky, my eighteenth full-length novel, done and gone into the dust today.

It goes a bit like this:

Brian Keene, Joe Abercrombie, Clive Barker walk into a bar, summon up Conrad William's One, with a side order of King's The Stand. Swirl it around in a big pot full of roofies and acid, rub it on their hair, get Dante's ghost-barber to shave them bald, and knit a story-jumper from the cuttings.

It is, of course, very little like that. Nothing, to be honest...but it's a sales pitch and a half, ain't it? :D

The Setting Sky, coming soon to all good booksellers.

Love you! x