Monday, 14 October 2013

Short Fiction HARDCORE HUNTER!!!

Three exclamation marks - you know I mean business.

Nah, not really. Just said I'd post a kind of addendum to the previous free short (below this post).

If you're a nutter, here's some stuff for you to go hunt down. I'd be very, very surprised if you manage to find anything from the really early stuff, the obscure and the downright daft. American Drivel Review (now bust), for example, featured illustrations to go with my co-authored story 'The Amphibimen'. The pictures were of penises. That's a collector's item for sure. :D

Here's what and where (there are more, but I've either forgotten or lost them):


Mummy’s Ickle Shoalja – Satan’s Toybox: Toy Soldiers (Angelic Knight Press)
The Last Cold Day – Tales of Terror and Mayhem from Deep within the Box (Wicked East Press) – Accepted 2011
Red – Read the End First (Wicked East Press)
Playing Blackjack with Mr. Paws – Help! Wanted/Edited Peter Giglio (Evil Jester Press)
The Dancing Car – Box of Delights/Edited John Kenny (Aeon Press)
Caterpillar – D.O.A. Anthology/Edited David C. Hayes and Jack Burton (Blood Bound Books)
The Hole in the Fence – Night Terrors: An Anthology of Horror/Edited Theresa Dillon (Blood Bound Books)
Recollection – Best of Anthology - published by Ginosko


A Man to Walk the Mountains With – Hidden Thoughts Press – Accepted 2011


Set Above Mortals – Morpheus Tales
Mr. Wobble – Albedo One
Happiness – Open Minds Quarterly (Fall Edition/2010)
Rapture – Conceit Magazine (Volume 3 Issue #34)
The House of Dreams – Nth Degree Magazine (2009 Online)
Slate – Ginosko (Issue #5)
The Cigarette Butt World – Barbaric Yawp (Volume 11 No. 2)
The Amphibimen (with James Goves) – The American Drivel Review (Volume 4 No. 1)
Grass Can Be Weeds, Too – Albedo One (Issue #36)
Recollection – Ginosko (Issue #4)
Love is Like That – Samsara Magazine (Issue #13)
The Witch’s Cauldron – The Nth Degree Magazine (2006 Online)
The Martyr’s Tale – Impressions Publishing (Online)

Flash Fiction

The Dream – Daily Flash 2012 (Pill Hill Press)
A Short History of Time, Please – Daily Flash 2012 (Pill Hill Press)
Playing Favourites – Daily Flash 2012 (Pill Hill Press)

Shakira’s Bum and Stephen Hawkins’ Wheelchair – Daily Flash 2012 (Pill Hill Press)

Exhibit A: Some of my contributor's copies for publications featuring my short fiction - I don't have copies of everything. 

Many of the stories can be found in my short collections 'Dead in the Trunk' and 'The Black and White Box' - they're on Amazon, should you fancy it - also further reading in the samples on the blog here, off over there, on the right of the blog. Mudman and The Dude in the Hat, if I remember rightly...

Love you. :D