Sunday, 1 December 2013

DarkFuse acquires Bloodeye...sample here!

Title gives it away a bit. DarkFuse, an absolutely fantastic dark fiction publishing house, has acquired my novella 'Bloodeye', for publication September 2014.

As usual, I've added a sample over on the right side of the blog (under 'Published Novel and Novella Excerpts).

Here's the link: BLOODEYE.

It's in capitals so you can't miss it if you've a shaky mouse hand. ;)

Here's the run-down of Bloodeye:

*** Keane Reid is tired of living. He's bored with his very existence following the suspicious death of his wife seven years earlier. He's not interested in TV, reading, dating or a social life.

But when he is called on a routine plumbing job at a local pub, he discovers the corpse of a young girl crucified and nailed to a wall, her eyes torn out and a third eye carved into her forehead. Keane has seen this mark before, and soon his life is thrust between the present and past, reality and fantasy, darkness and light.

As Keane loses his grip on sanity, a long-forgotten shadow begins whispering to him once again, ushering him toward the void, where the ghosts of his past reside, waiting to show him what truly lies behind the veil. ***

I also wanted to put a link in to DarkFuse, so you can see what and who they publish - some great fiction by people I know, people I don't, all of whom are admirable writers and well-established within the darker halls of speculative fiction.


Well worth a look.

Hope you'll have a read of the three chapter sample of Bloodeye, and let me know what you think.

Love you! x