Friday, 20 December 2013

End of Year Round-up - Part II 'Life'.

I don't write so much personal stuff on the blog - figure it's more about me as a writer, than as a person. Humans are odd. I am one of the human race. Figure it might be interesting for someone...

This year's been a tough one on my health, in the early part of the year. Had scans, test, etc, for strokes, brain tumours...all the scary stuff.

I looked like this:

Turns out, it was electronic cigarettes - something in them was making me ill. At least, this is my self-diagnosis - the doctors put my funny turns down to migraines - personally, I think they were wrong.

But either way, turns out it was a good kick up the butt.

Started exercising, eating a bit more sensibly. Neither thing to excess, but I'm fitter now, I think, than I was at 30. I'm 41 now...and I'm not dead yet.

So, yeah - health, it turns out, is pretty important. I don't sit at the PC all day anymore. I get up and move around a bit. I feel better for it.

The kids are getting easier as they get older - less stress, more fun. People enjoy the baby stuff...not me!

It's nice to be sleeping all night again. :D

Work (see part one) is going year, it's got to be more about balance. I can't write 16 hours a day anymore. I think at some point I made a decision not to spend all day in the shed, working, and to have a life, too. Good choice, I think. A writer who only ever writes isn't much use to his family, or, in the end, himself.

So, next year, on the personal front? More exercise, less fat. Try and knock the cigarettes on the head (my one remaining vice). Less work, more fresh air.

In short, I'm trying to achieve that fabled, mythical 'Work/Life Balance' shit that people talk about. I'm beginning to think there might be something to it.

Anyway - cholesterol's down, weight's down, no funny turns since summer...I think I'll go have a bacon sandwich.

Love you - hope to see more of you all in the New Year.