Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Love Monkeys and Self-Censorship

People are buggers, quite often. Plenty of them around here, in the town where I live...miserable gits, making others' lives miserable. But that's not what we're all about. Sometimes, people kind of elevate themselves above all the shit and make something beautiful.

Silly films, silly books, silly music. Things that make people feel better, rather than feel worse. Vonnegut, for example, always made me feel better, by shining a light on the darker aspects of the human soul and pointing out just how fucking ridiculous we are.

Others, too, pick up the happy ball and run with it. Marvin Gaye, Pegg and Frost, not Kafka, he's a miserable twat, but John Candy, yes. Not all comedians, by a long shot. Chevy Chase, always, makes me laugh and feel a little lighter. Franklin, Aretha, not Benjamin.

I watched Paul tonight (Pegg and Frost) and got to thinking of the lofty ideals and possibilities of being in a position where people read/listen/watch your innnermost thoughts...and the power you have. As a writer? Yes, you have a modicum of influence on people. You don't tell people what to think - that's fancy land...but you might give people an idea. An ethos, or a mythos, by which to live.

I don't think an author should censor themselves...but they do have a kind of strength. Words can move people. Words, stories, ideas, can move people to want to be better, to strive for more.

V for Vendetta, in a way, moved me. Moore's on my list of cool dudes, for sure.

There are so many more. Within an entire novel, 100k or more words, there may be a small snippet or even a tiny piece of doggerel that makes you think about who you are (Iain Banks...miss you - Look to Windward/Consider Phlebas) and why you tick. It's not philosophy, or religion. It's about being human.

I saw a piece of FB doggerel today - a meme. Our job as parents isn't to inure our children to hardship, but to teach them to lighten the world. It didn't say that - I'm paraphrasing. I'm a parent. I hope my boys will make the world a little lighter.

We're all in this shit together. You know what hurts? Seeing the dodgy sorts in town, making people wary, scared, to be a decent person. What worries me? Seeing the drunk guy at 7am this morning, buying more vodka. Damn, man, how much pain do you need to drown to hit a litre of vodka at 7am?

People are hurting, all over the world. I think my point is this: Yes, I'm a horror writer, by and large. But horror isn't about darkness, or violence, or hate. It's about love, but, to paraphrase another cool dude on my list (Bill Hussey), it's through a glass, darkly.

Give someone a hug, eh?

Love you. xxx