Sunday, 23 February 2014

What's so God-damned important about the fucking cup?

Been wondering my way around, over and through some thoughts of late. Kind of unimportant shit. I figured no one really cares about my stuff, because it's not theirs...

But maybe that's not true.

Like cups, on the draining board, when I've done the dishwasher.

Never used to get the arse about unimportant shit like that...but everyone's got their own stuff going on, and it's important to them.

So I'm wondering about all the people who say 'I'd never do that...'

People do that. They've got morals, ideals, codes of conduct. Me? My code is don't sweat the small stuff...but you do if that's all you've got.

Like a cup on the side board, after I've finished loading the dishwasher. I'm incandescent about it.

Here's why:

Not because of the principle, which is pretty simple. But because when you're surrounded by something, anything, whatever your ideals, it becomes a thousand times harder to let it go, to not lose it.

Watch a few shows of something like Big Brother, maybe you'll understand. People getting into flaming rows about the most unimportant thing in the you. But to them? It is their world.

Which makes me wonder. Fill people's worlds with unimportant makes it important...because they're immersed in it.

Like tabloid newspapers...they make things seem important, big, necessary. Maybe they're not. We live in a world of other people telling us what's important...and sometimes we believe them.

I think what I'm trying to say is when you boil it down to the essentials, take away all the crap, you've got to figure out what's important, and why. It's hard when you haven't even got space to think. Easy to be a hippy buddhist idealist when you're in the mountains breathing crisp clean air. Not so easy when you're listening to the doom and gloom in the pub, seeing terror in the tabloids every time you pass a shop, or feeling overwhelmed by a cup on the sideboard.

Yeah, it's not that deep. I'm not going to tell you what's important - I think that mostly differs from person to person and day to day.

But overall? Maybe people just need to take a step back, from time to time. Me, too.

Love you. xxx