Saturday, 31 May 2014

Book Reviewer Scheme at my FB Author Page

Over the last two or three years, with my indie novels (mostly the fantasy) I've given away around 50,000 books...but received way less than 1% in returned reviews. This is, for me, not a great result. Simply put, me giving books away for nothing in return has become, largely...daft.

To this end, I've set up a 'Trusted Reviewer Scheme', with a five-tier system of rewards for those readers that actually leave reviews...which is immensely helpful in driving sales, and increasing interest in my work...which is what I need!

Visit here:, click 'like' and message me in order to join, if you're interested. (All the salient details are available there, as 'NOTES')

The scheme works, by and large, like this:

Ranks and Perks: 

Fresh Faces: People who have yet to earn a perk.
Rookies: Preferential treatment for review copies.
Veterans: Option (I will contact) to view early work, beta-read if they wish *before* publication.
Star Reviewers: A signed copy of any book I have on the shelf!
Saints: I will, if I am able (publishers permission allowing*), give Saints and Honourary Saints a copy of new work (e-copy) should they wish to read. I will not ask Saints to pay for my work.*

*DarkFuse have their own review program, so these titles are *not* available through my review program. To read and/or review these, you can join the DarkFuse book club at, or simply purchase the titles!

Hope to see you over there. Love you!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Rythe Falls: Part One/The Red Wizard


I finished the third installment of the Rythe Trilogy a couple of days ago. I'm not sure, but I think that's in the region of the 20th novel I've written - I have, in fact, lost count. 

While writing this (long-overdue) third novel, I discovered a couple of things: 

Firstly, there are too many threads to wrap up in a neat trilogy. Hence, I've split the final book into three. The final book will remain as planned, and be titled Rythe Falls: Part Two/The Sun Destroyers. 

The second thing I discovered while writing this is that I enjoyed it, and that I think there are yet more tales left to tell. I tentatively plotted some stand-alone novels set in the world of Rythe. The first of those will be titled 'The Warrior's Soul'. 

How long until publication? Well, I will be writing a short novella next, which I'm contracted to write, then two novels. I believe, should things go to schedule (they rarely seem to...) that I'll have edits done before this year is out. So, in time for Christmas, I should imagine. I will, of course, update more as time goes by. 

Rythe Falls: Part One/The Red Wizard

31st March 2014 - 21st May 2014


Sunday, 4 May 2014