Friday, 23 May 2014

Rythe Falls: Part One/The Red Wizard


I finished the third installment of the Rythe Trilogy a couple of days ago. I'm not sure, but I think that's in the region of the 20th novel I've written - I have, in fact, lost count. 

While writing this (long-overdue) third novel, I discovered a couple of things: 

Firstly, there are too many threads to wrap up in a neat trilogy. Hence, I've split the final book into three. The final book will remain as planned, and be titled Rythe Falls: Part Two/The Sun Destroyers. 

The second thing I discovered while writing this is that I enjoyed it, and that I think there are yet more tales left to tell. I tentatively plotted some stand-alone novels set in the world of Rythe. The first of those will be titled 'The Warrior's Soul'. 

How long until publication? Well, I will be writing a short novella next, which I'm contracted to write, then two novels. I believe, should things go to schedule (they rarely seem to...) that I'll have edits done before this year is out. So, in time for Christmas, I should imagine. I will, of course, update more as time goes by. 

Rythe Falls: Part One/The Red Wizard

31st March 2014 - 21st May 2014