Thursday, 17 July 2014

New covers/New release

I'm gradually working toward improving and updating the self-published stuff, which is by and large anything which doesn't neatly fit 'Dark Fiction'.

Thanks to the wonderful David Conyers, I have shiny covers for four of my self-published novels. The new cover for The Evolution War was on a previous post, so here's the new three, and a little news at the end...

These are wonderful. Unfortunately, the following release (Rythe Falls), and will continue to languish behind a dreadful cover until the entire batch of covers for the fantasy work are done, which will take some time. It'll take a while because I'm paying for artwork for the entire series. More when they're done, hence a kind of muted release of Rythe Falls, the third in the Rythe Quadrilogy...available here. Book's good, cover's god-damned awful. ;)

If you want to see what Renir and the gang have been up to, click the link. Otherwise, love you anyway. x