Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bloodeye, Deadlift, Hangmen and Highwaymen...oh my!

Bloodeye was released two days ago, but things have been hectic, so I'm blogging about this now.

Bloodeye centres on Keane Reid, a man with plenty of demons, like many of us. His worst, though, 'Shadowman', is a killer. It's a short, sharp tale, and one that I hope will stick in readers' minds.

When I pitched Bloodeye to DarkFuse, I suggested it was something like The Loneliness of the Long Distant Runner with added psychopath. I think it's about loneliness, about redemption, about trying to do the right thing. It's also about running. No matter how fast you go, how far you run, when you stop? You'll still be there.

But I'm hoping, for each reader, it might be about something different. That's the thing with's not the same for everyone.

There's a sample, here: Bloodeye Sample.

Or, you can buy it here: Amazon US, or, here: Amazon UK.

Next in line for publication, early next year (slated for a February release at present) is 'Masters of Blood and Bone' (novel).

Loosely speaking, it's about a man named Holland who's very good with death. It's about his battle against the Gods of the old world, ancient Gods people no longer believe in, and fighting for what's right. It is, as so many novels are, about light and dark.

More about that closer to the time, but this is the cover art.

As for future novellas, my favourite medium, they seem to be an endangered breed. It doesn't mean I won't write more novellas - sometimes that's what a story chooses to be. In the current climate, though, they're a tricky proposition for publishers, and hence often tough to sell. DarkFuse have accepted two more of mine for publication in 2014, and I count myself lucky. After that, it's anyone's guess. Anyway, one of those is titled 'Unit 731'. The other is 'Flesh and Coin', a long novella which is loosely tied to two other DarkFuse titles - the forthcoming 'Hangman' (novel), and my first DarkFuse release 'Deadlift'.

Speaking of which, I just completed my twentieth novel, 'Highwayman'. It's set in the same world (or, netherworld, I guess) as 'Hangman', and also sheds a little more light on everyone's favourite artefact, the mask from 'Deadlift'. Hopefully, Highwayman will see publication (never guaranteed!), but as per tradition...

Highwayman. 28th August 2014 - 9th September 2014. R.I.P.