Sunday, 2 November 2014

Spiggot, Too - R.I.P.

They said it couldn't be done. They said he couldn't be rebuilt...

Actually, no one said that. No one. But I wrote a sequel to 'Spiggot' anyway.

I'm bloody-minded, me.

Anyway, this is the traditional morbid obituary for my latest, finished works. I think I started this a couple of years ago, largely imagining that no publisher would ever accept my stories. Turns out, by and large, they don't mind a bit of horror, so far, which has been a great result for me. The fantasy I don't bother sending out anymore - but I suppose it ticks along well enough on Amazon. It could all do better, but I figure if I've got three million stories for sale, eventually it'll start being a money maker because everyone else will just GIVE UP.

Longevity, that's the trick. That's how God got to be number one...simply outlasted most of the other Gods...

Even though Odin's way better.


Spiggot, Too
21st June 2014 - 29th October 2014

Damn shame about Jean Grey, though...

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