Monday, 1 December 2014

End of Year Round-Up #1

Plenty has happened this year for me on the publishing/writing front. Every year since I began blogging (probably about the year my first novel was published - 2011, I think), I've been writing a little rundown of the year's successes and failures.

Here it is, then, for those that are interested.


The biggest thing to happen this year is the three-year/three-book deal I signed with Darkfuse. So far, on top of the three-book deal, they have four novellas and two additional novels.

This year, 2014, two of those novellas were published, Deadlift and Bloodeye. Both are going well, and next year will see the release of two more novellas (Flesh and Coin and Unit 731) and two novels (Masters of Blood and Bone and Left to Darkness). They've picked up Hangman (a reissue of The Noose and Gibbet) and I have two novels left to deliver, with plenty of time to do so. Which is very, very nice. I have a novella and a novel waiting in the wings for 2015 to submit...for the first time in a long time I'm 'ahead'...but you're never ahead, I think, when you're writing for a living...or trying to...


Which brings us neatly to money...or not so neatly. Making money from writing still proves difficult. Kindle Unlimited came along at a time when my earnings were increasing...and absolutely killed my profits. I was hoping, planning, to start making some real money (i.e. enough to make a difference) in 2015. I'm very unsure that's going to happen now.

KDP Select was fine, KU has proven an utter bastard. In 2015 I'm out of KDP, and putting books into other platforms (iBooks, Barnes and Noble, etc). I think it's time to try (on the indie books front) to make money elsewhere.

Traditional publishing royalties continue to come in...they go up, they go down...until they're reliable amounts, writing will continue to be a sideline. Making money from writing is hard.

Indie books

On balance, financially, I came out ahead, which is great. But spent  (at last) some of that updating and improving the indie works - paid for editors, paid for cover art. I haven't, to be honest, seen any improvement in sales from this...but then, like I said, KU killed my sales dead, so at this early stage it's difficult to tell. I only published one indie book this year, Rythe Falls. At least, I think I only published one! I forget a lot...a year, it turns out, is a long time for a writer...


Very few this year, as now I'm keeping 'budgets' and I spent plenty of editors and cover art, I kept it small, though I did get to Autumn: Horror in the East. A small event, but I really enjoyed it.

Finished this Year:

Masters of Blood and Bone
Flesh and Coin
Unit 731
Rythe Falls
Spiggot, Too
The Mulrone's Vampire


Darkfuse (early in the year). At the moment, only one current submission to German press Voodoo. We'll see how that goes.


Well, I prepared this post (and #2) early, because the later part of this year and early next year is all about collaborations. One December, another one early in the new year. More on that when I can. 

December is very, very busy this year, so I'm going to crack on after posting the round-ups...

As for 2015, that's in post #2. Cheers, and as always, love you!