Monday, 1 December 2014

End of Year Round-Up #2

Next year is promising to be as busy as 2014. I don't expect I'll get all of the following done and dusted, but I'm not due to deliver another book to Darkfuse until the end of 2015, and I've written it already (it's waiting on a second draft), so for once, I have no deadlines at all. This is nice...but I like deadlines, too. Hoping to get another one at some point!

Coming Soon:

From Darkfuse, definite titles are Masters of Blood and Bone, Left to Darkness, Flesh and Coin, Unit 731. At some point, Hangman will be released, too, though as yet I don't have a date for that.

Indie publishing I'm hoping to get the final installment of the Rythe Quadrilogy done (titled Beneath Rythe at present). 

Current Works:

(First Drafts)
Spiggot, Too
The Mulrone's Vampire

The Temple of Art
Ghost Voices

Future Works:

Beneath Rythe
Masters of Blood and Bone (Book Two)
Left to Darkness (Book Two)
Hangman/Highwayman (Book Three)
Spiggot Three
The Warrior's Soul

Lastly, there will be edits and art for all Rythe Books, paperback issue of Vigil, The Dead Boy rewrite as a novel for Grand Mal Press, two collaborations, and if I can get to a convention or two, I hope I'll see you there :)

Love you!

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