Thursday, 26 February 2015

Death by a Mother's Hand - R.I.P.

I think I started doing an obituary for my stories when no one wanted them. Thankfully I sell a story here and there now, but it's tradition. You can't buck it. 

So, 'Death by a Mother's Hand'. I wrote the first draft in two days, but only got round to finishing the final draft today. Which is pretty good timing. It's a Mulrones' novella. Next month another Mulrones' novella is out from Darkfuse, Flesh and Coin. The month after that will see the rerelease of the first Mulrones' story, 'A Scarecrow to Watch over Her.' 

Flesh and Coin, Kindle and Limited Edition Hardback, 10th March.

Anyway, that's that, then.

Death by a Mother's Hand, R.I.P.

11th November 2014 - 26th February 2015

Love you.

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