Monday, 23 February 2015

Flesh and Coin and the Mulrones

With the release of my third novella with Darkfuse, Flesh and Coin, just around the corner, I thought I'd write a blog about the Mulrones. The Mulrones feature in this story, as they have in other stories...and will again.

Flesh and Coin
Released March 2015 
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As a reader, I always enjoyed Stephen King stories when they returned to Castle Rock. That recurring theme, place, or character appealed to me. When I read Gemmell's Drenai stories I saw that you could continue stories, with a larger theme, without those stories ever having to be sequential. The first time I met the Mulrones, in 'Scarecrow' (released Blood Bound Books, reissued as 'A Scarecrow to Watch Over Her') I knew I'd come back to them. I just didn't know how. They never were central to the story. I haven't written anything entirely from the Mulrones' viewpoint...I don't think I will. But they're the pillars that these stories revolve around. 

In Deadlift, they're present. In the background, certainly. But that story concerns a mask, a rather evil artefact, and that mask concerns the Mulrones. One Mulrone in particular - Ma Mulrone. 

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To us, Ma Mulrone would seem, I think, inherently evil. But she isn't. She simply has a different perspective. She's not, after all, quite like us. She's very, very old. She probably hails from the original travelling people, the Romany, but nowdays she's something else. She's the matriach and the driving force behind her clan, the Mulrones. Her intentions, her thoughts, can't ever be clear to us, but she's driven mainly by a stern sense of what's right, and what's wrong. The fact that people like us, with our comfortable houses and smart suits and our cornflakes for breakfast can't understand her idea of right and wrong is irrelevant to her. 

She's more about balance, I think. If anything, she's the scales. For there to be balance, though, there has to be something to weigh...and it's the Walkers who weigh in. Not against her, specifically...just, again, a different people. 

The Walkers are featured in a novel, 'The Noose and Gibbet' (originally published by Anachron Press, to be reissued soon by Darkfuse as 'Hangman'). They are, perhaps, the ones that plant things like hope, and redemption, in humanity. Ma Mulrone's more of a farmer of people. She's the one that cuts down them down when they get out of hand. 

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So, that's the present. The future of the Mulrones? A novel entitled 'Highwayman', set in the same universe, that deals with the Walkers, but with the mask from Deadlift, too. And I'm just putting the finishing touches to another Mulrones' novella, 'Death by a Mother's Hand'. 

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