Friday, 12 June 2015

Ghost Voices - R.I.P.

Any kind of schedule I've had for writing has, largely, gone squiffy. I'm trying to get some old projects finished and tidied away in downtime while I'm working on two collaborations. One of those old projects was 'Ghost Voices'. Unusually for me, I spent longer researching than actually writing. I probably used about ten percent of what I found out, too, but that's not a bad percentage. I think - I'm not Clive Cussler. 

I put it aside some time last year, and finished it this year in around three days, because I'm really impatient and had the time to hit it hard. It'll need a second and probably third draft before submission, like these things usually do. Off to Mrs. S next. Before that, though - beer. 

Ghost Voices
17th June 2014 - 12th June 2015

Love you. x