Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Spiggot reissue/Spiggot, Too release

Two new covers, one new novel, both up for pre-orders now (released 1st July). Back cover copy and covers below, samples in the 'sample' section, if you want to read a few chapters for free, see if you like know how this goes...

Back cover copy:

Spiggot, the consummate misanthrope copper, walks a fine line between lovable anti-hero and despicable bigot with very large shoes. His one redeeming feature is his beautiful partner, the seductively-named Francesca Trout. She keeps her one good eye on the job, and her slightly gammy, less attractive other eye on her partner.

Spiggot is catapulted into his second worst nightmare when, on a stakeout to catch criminal mastermind, his soul is sent by means of an ancient artifact into a mad axe murderer's body, who is held captive in a maximum security residential hospital for the criminally insane. Sheez, you couldn't make it up.

His only hope of redemption is to rely on his partner to help catch the villain. The trouble is he's in a nutcase's body, Trout didn't like him in the first place, he's got an insane copper after him and he's afraid of pirates...

We can only hope this doesn't all end on a boat...


Back Cover Copy:

Spiggot is having dreams. Premonitions, even. But he doesn't believe in weird stuff. He believes in beer, curry, and his ex-partner, Francesca Trout.

When Spiggot's nemesis the arch-criminal Elana Magret escapes custody, she and Spiggot both are dragged into an alternate dimension almost entirely populated by Trouts. Which makes finding them somewhat tricky.

To catch Magret, Trout must rely on the good will of a rather unusual criminal overlord, and a new ally with some wicked fists. Because this isn't about Spiggot anymore. This is about the fate of the worlds!*

*Plural intentional. Exclamation optional.

Spiggot, Too. Spiggot, but with more Spiggot. And an awful lot more Trout.


There you go - two novels, up on Amazon now. Neither will see print, I should think. The original (first) novel of Spiggot got picked up three years ago, by a very nice outfit Grand Mal Press. You might still be able to find a print copy of that. But now rights reverted to me, and rather than run around trying to find a publisher for a reprint (never the easiest thing to do) I decided to put the series up on Amazon independently. Hopefully someone (maybe even you, reading this right now ;) ) will read 'em. Either way, I like writing them, so I'll probably keep on doing it either way. Not like I've anything I'd rather be doing. 

Love you,