Sunday, 23 August 2015

Books I Enjoyed This Year (so far...)

I don't read anything like as often as I used to, and generally only what I want, rather than feeling any kind of obligation to beat some Goodreads' record. That said, this year I've read more than the last three years together, or close enough. Here, in no particular order, are a few you might like, by authors I've enjoyed.

Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow (novella) Ray Cluley

The Silence (novel) Tim Lebbon 

Half a King (novel) Joe Abercrombie 

All you Zombies (short) Robert A. Heinlein

The Last Bus (novella) Paul Feeney

Within (novel) Keith Deininger 

Albion Fay (novel) Mark Morris 

Condemned (novel) Michael McBride 

Without Purpose, Without Pity (novella) Brian Hodge 

Spook Lights (collection) Eden Royce 

Dead Leaves (collection) Kealan Patrick Burke

There you go. Might run another 'favourites' later in the year. Might not. Don't hold your breath.

Love you!