Saturday, 8 August 2015

How I decide what to write next/Update for August

How I decide what to write next:

It goes something like this...

It's been a busy year. I finished a fair few projects (Highwayman, Death by a Mother's Hand, Ghost Voices, The Dead Boy) which are all submitted and awaiting a response (if I get one - no guarantees, as ever). Wrote a couple of short stories, too - so I'm ahead on points. I sort of have to write or go mad from boredom, though. People seem to believe I'm relatively prolific but I'm not. I just don't like doing anything else.

With that in mind, I need to do something. I'm writing on two collaborations (Pig, with Edward Lorn and Red Ice Run, with Ryan C. Thomas) both of which I'm enjoying the hell out of, but as you'd expect with a collaboration, there's a fair bit of downtime.

So, here's the list (at the moment) of things I should/want to write:

Beneath Rythe, to finish the Rythe Quadrilogy.
The next Holland tale (following on from 'Masters of Blood and Bone')
The sequel/book two to 'Left to Darkness'
Rain Clowns (a longer book)
The Temple of Art (partial)
A third 'Spiggot' book.

I'm trying to triage these stories, like a nurse in A&E. I guess the important ones are the ones that are expected/sell more. Beneath Rythe is long overdue for readers, I suppose. The Spiggot books, historically, sell OK. Masters made a few quid and had good reviews...

Rain Clowns and Temple of Art are standalone stories, and I've two of those out right now, and the collaborations are standalones, too. So they're not essential - scratching them for now.

Spiggot and Masters are a series...but not sequential. So they'll keep.

Which leaves either Beneath Rythe, or book two on Left to Darkness. The Rythe books, over the last three years, have been constant little earners. There. Thinking process done. Logic dictates Beneath Rythe.

But I want to write Rain Clowns, so I'm going to do that instead. Fuck you, logic.


Update for August:

Rights reverted to 'A Stranger's Grave' and 'The Love of the Dead', too - I'll be reissuing these later this year.

And I'll be going to FCon in October (on a panel Friday night - 23rd).

This is out 11th August, by the way ;) :

'Left to Darkness brings the despair and destruction to life and puts a permanent stamp on the reader's minds as one of the best apocalyptic novels in recent years.' 
- Examiner.

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