Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Books! (and life)

Pretty simple post, really. I'll be brief. ;)

Not much going on work-wise of late, but I've been reading more. I used to read an awful lot. Way back in the annals (ANNALS) of history, I bought books. A lot. It was never about hording. I bought them, I read them. I kept them if I liked them, gave them away to the library if I didn't, because someone else might.

Then stuff changed. I'm in my forties. Being in your forties isn't the same, of course, as your teens, or your twenties. Situations, lives, they're fluid. I moved a lot - countries, counties, houses. I moved from big houses to small houses. I had more money, as a younger fella. I didn't know what to spend it on so I spent in on drink and drugs. I went mental, I went bankrupt. I had less money after that. Should've stuck to books - they're not near that expensive.

At some point, I hardly had any books. I like having books around. Some people (me included) like trees. Some people like cars (I don't, but to each their own...depending on the girth of their bank balance, I guess).

Then, I worked full time for good money in jobs I hated. Now, I work longer hours for shit money in a job I love. I wouldn't got back to the way it was, no way. But I think the books, the reading, the buying of books (I still don't like reading on Kindle...sorry) is a constant. A foundation, maybe? It's something that was important to me - more important than the money or all the other things.

So, over the years, I've lost or given away or simply been forced to give up hundred of books I loved. Now, my situation (for now - things change!) is solid. I've been buying books again. I've been reading books again. It's a nice place to be, and happy to have my books around again. Feels like the foundations are sound once more, and it reminds me that just because something's lost, doesn't mean we can't find it again.

Unless you didn't want it in the first place. In which case, good fucking riddance, I guess.

Love you!

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