Saturday, 26 September 2015

New covers for the Rythe Quadrilogy, news on 'Beneath Rythe'.

It's long overdue. Title says it all, really. I have finally begun work on 'Beneath Rythe', the last volume in the Rythe Quadrilogy. Should have it up and out before the year's out. All covers are done. 'The Outlaw King' and 'The Thief King' have been edited (thanks to Faith Kauwe) and she's finishing up edits on 'The Queen of Thieves'. Boxed Set has been reissued, with a new cover, for those three books. Chris Taggart is working on the last two covers for The Line of Kings Trilogy.

I will issue a boxed set for the Rythe Quadrilogy, probably in early 2016.

After that? I'll probably find something else to work on. ;)

Here are the covers. Love you! x