Saturday, 10 October 2015

Rythe Awakes - Update

In the previous post I wrote about how duff 'Rythe Awakes' was. I'm completely amazed anyone ever read this novel, let alone came back for more and read the follow-ups, too.

What I've done to Rythe Awakes isn't anything like editing. I've rewritten the entire novel. If an edit is a paint job, this is knocking down an entire house and building it again from nothing but the foundations. I've cut 20,000 words and rewritten pretty much every sentence remaining. Everything is different - except the story.

And, with that in mind, it's taken me as long to do this as it would for me to write an entire novel from scratch. A month, every hour available between children and family. Like the old days, I've worked on this from first thing in the morning 'til last thing at night and then kept going when I should be sleeping. It's driven me nuts, I've hated it, swore at it. Much like a builder.

But it was worth it.

Anyway, by way of recompense to those (frankly odd - sorry!) readers who made it though the entire novel, it will be free every weekend I can manage it, as will The Tides of Rythe and Rythe Falls. I'm going to read through one more time, then upload everything needed, and I'll blog and tweet etc when its done.

I did think about renaming it, but it's still Rythe Awakes. I guess this is Rythe Awakes 2.0. Like games released with bugs, it shouldn't ever have been released, and I'm sorry. So, there you go. I have forgotten the face of my father.

Hopefully this will remedy it to some degree.

Here's the new cover, which will be up during the week (this post is live 10/10/2015) and free every weekend I can manage. The Tides of Rythe and Rythe Falls only need a jolly good format - I'll upload those with the new covers, set up free weekends, and that will be done sometimes in the next fortnight - before FCon, certainly. After FCon, with a clean conscience and a clean slate, I can move on with Beneath Rythe.

Thanks, and I still love you. x

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