Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sharing and Caring - Horror Double Bill! The Horrible Axe/Halloween

Talking at FCon about how some share others work, supporting where they can...some don't. I think it's important to encourage and nurture talent. It's an honour to be in a position to do it, as a mega-famous author! (shh!). With that in mind, I'm showcasing two new, free-to-read, stories by authors just starting out.

In the red corner of BLOOD...let me introduce the first tale...a terrifying story by Harry J. Saunders...THE HORRIBLE AXE!

Here...straight into the action, we find the horrible axe, bloodied and used...but what is its awful power? 

Our hero finds out when he cuts off his hand and...

And it turns him into a ZOMBIE!

Take a quick breather, guys and ghouls (Tales from the Crypt, baby)...before our next tale in the true holiday of love...of HORROR! 

Buckle up for Jack W. Saunders monstermash 'HALLOWEEN'! (Kindly illustrated by none other than Tim Burton!)

In town, a creepy song grew louder. The buildings were really rough. Sometimes the town got bored, but on Saturday 5th 2001, April, a leader was made. Although he was really smart...although he was a humanoid LLAMA some people made science to make the leader a SKELETON. In 2002 he was turned into a skeleton...though he was on FIRE!!!

After became 2003. Things were looking good until on New Year's Eve a monster came to town. He was too scare, but he came anyway and found a house to let. He murdered a human!

After a year it was 2004. Guess what? You're right! The monster was seven years old. It was monster years. 

And on the celebration of his birthday, they ate cobwebs, worms, dead, bones.

And there you have it, ghouls and zombies and witches and all you dead folks...the true spirit of Halloween.


But only for dinner! 

(Need ketchup, mind.)

Love you!
The Shed