Tuesday, 27 October 2015

What I've been doing...and some news.

Normally, I try to update the blog no more than once a week, but I figure with no breaking publisher/publishing news, it kind of looks like all I've been doing is working on Rythe. I haven't, and I don't want you to think I'm getting all lazy and wotnot, hanging out with all the cool people at FCon. I have a job, too, you know...

So, in the spirit of sharing and caring, I've uploaded what I've worked on above.

Beneath Rythe, as mentioned, is underway. 2016 will see the completion of the series, and a boxed set of the quadrilogy sometime after that.

I've also begun work on a stand alone Rythe novel, The Warrior Soul. Cover art is already in, from Chris Taggart, who is rather brilliant.

But I've completed some novels, too, which I'm submitting currently. They'll be accepted or they won't. Either way, they'll be out. Hope you like them if you take a look (all linked above in the 'sample' section).

They are: Highwayman, Ghost Voices, Death by a Mother's Hand, and The Dead Boy. 

Three horrors, one straight thriller. With a bit of horror.

I like horror, what you gonna do?

Oh, and the news? I'm posting Keith Deininger's interview at the end of the week. I love Keith's stuff, and I'm really chuffed to get him on the blog. This is his website, if you don't already know: http://www.keithdeininger.com/ That'll be ready for the weekend. Hope you'll come and take a look at the interview, because he's one of my favourites. :D

Love you. x