Monday, 23 November 2015

UNIT 731, The Dead Boy: Two new releases in January 2016

UNIT 731 will be released by DarkFuse as in a signed/limited hardcover edition (and eBook) in January 2016. 'The Dead Boy', available for pre-orders now, will be released/delivered on 1st January 2016. I'll write about each separately nearer the time, but for now, here are the covers and descriptions:

Luke Benson is a troubled young man obsessed with the history of Imperial Japan's Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department, later known as “Unit 731,” a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development department that undertook lethal human experimentation.

But is it a veil to mask his more sinister passions? Luke's sole-surviving family members are about to find out. When bad memories surface and deeds long forgotten come to light, Luke's obsession will shake their family to its core. 

The family's only hope is to face the evil within themselves...only then might the good that men do shine from the darkness.

'Saunders manages to weld interesting, true to life characters together with a fantastical plot, a splatter of gore and, as ever, a killer twist at the end. Highly recommended.' 
- Richard Rhys Jones, author of 'The House in Wales' and 'Division of the Damned.'

How can one man end the world? How can a dead boy save it?

Kurt William O'Dell is a dangerous man. He has the power to tell people to do what he wants, and what he wants is for the world to burn.

Alone, O'Dell doesn't possess the strength to control the whole world. To do that, he takes children with powers like his and changes them. Most serve him. One, George Farnham, will not.

Only George is strong enough to stand against O'Dell in a war where the battleground is the endless dark highways of the mind...but other forces, more powerful than man or boy, roam those roads.

They call themselves US.

That's the lot for this update, but don't forget 'Death by a Mother's Hand' is available now (pre-order) for 99c/77p for just three days, then up to normal price after release on 26th November. And, 'Flesh and Coin' by me, published by DarkFuse, will free for a few days from 26th November, too. One Mulrones' novella dirt cheap, one Mulrones' novella completely free...

Free for a few days from 26th November.

Pre-order for 99c until 26th November.

Or, pre-order this RED LINE double for $1.99 (packaged with 'A Scarecrow to Watch over Her'), until 26th November.

As always, thank you for reading, and love you!