Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Winding Down 2015...Part 1/4.

Seems a little premature, maybe, to be winding down 2015...but it's not. Not really. This is the first post of around four coming over the next few weeks, and by the end of these it'll be time for the yearly round up. Writing kind of goes in fits and starts, and this, I think, is a fit - there's too much to blog about in one pop.

Today, reissues and cover art news. First, rights reverted to four stories, which I've reissued with new covers and new formatting, but little else. If you've bought these already, they're not new...just all mine...all mine! Wahaha...

Available on Amazon now:

John March is having a good day. He doesn't have many. Then it starts to rain. 
John March runs a struggling bookshop with just one regular customer - Mr. Hill. His life is defined by routine until the day he discovers he is sole beneficiary of a will worth £5 million thanks to the eccentric Mr. Hill's untimely death. But Mr. Hill also leaves behind something else - a lock of hair, a finger bone and a tooth in a jar of water. It's certainly not the worst day of John's life...until the rain comes and the dying starts. There is something in the rain and only John can give it what it wants. And yet, even when people are dying, even in the midst of terror, it's not the hardest thing John's ever faced. He faces horror every day when he locks his shop, drives to August House and opens the door to the room where his wife clings to life. But what he doesn't know could kill her, because if the rain doesn't get what it wants, his wife will serve just as well...

 ('Damned to Cold Fire' - Previously titled 'The Estate'.)

How far would you go to save those you love? Into the house of the damned? Into Hell itself? 
It takes a near death experience to open Sam O'Donnell's eyes to what he is - just another addict on the road to ruin. He knows it's time to make a fresh start, and yet when Sam and his wife move to an estate by the sea, nothing goes as planned. The estate is not what it seems. Something has taken it over and it is cold. It hungers. To save all he loves, Sam must go into the house of the damned...and into Hell itself. When weighed in the balance, a man can only face his demons alone and pray he is not found wanting. 
But Sam is not alone.

In an idyllic home by the sea, a widow heals...but sometimes the dead come back. 
Irene Jacobs always wanted a home by the sea. Pregnant with her dead husband's twins, she comes to the Blue House to heal and raise her babies. She thinks she's found solace from her sorrows, but her nightmare is far from over. Her husband's killer is coming for her and her children...and he's unstoppable.
What will Irene sacrifice to keep the family she has left? 

Best Novella, Solstice List 2012. 
Billy Hunter sees things other people only imagine; he sees the low beasts and the dark man, too - a man called Marlin. People call Billy crazy, but sometimes nightmares are real and the walls are thin, and sometimes in the dead of night that man, that Marlin, comes through...

The following are just updated covers:

In Part 2/4:

Sometime in the week when the dust settles after my uploading spree on Amazon, I'll blog about upcoming offers, promotions and freebies and the new release 'Death by a Mother's Hand'. I'll do it before the promotions run, because some novellas and novels will be going free - pointless running a free promotion only for you to have to pay for stuff, eh? Pfft...what would I do with all the money?

In Part 3/4:

Something new I've been up to - first of which will be ready and up by this point...SECRET SPECIAL PROJECT (TA-DA)!

In Part 4/4:

News about the forthcoming novel 'THE DEAD BOY' (pre-orders are up, and on 1st January it will be released, officially my first novel of 2016).

And, just signed a contract for more work with DarkFuse, so as soon as the ink's dry I'll let you know about that, too.

Love you x

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