Friday, 13 November 2015

Winding Down 2015...Part 2/4

Part 2/4, where we shall be discussing a little old lady who never seems to get any older...and some news on free stuff from me.

My new novella 'Death by Mother's Hand' is availabe from pre-order, released on 26th November, in two editions. It's a Mulrones' story. The Mulrones, if you've never read any of their tales, are a travelling family with a strange, powerful and seemingly vengeful matriach at their head - Ma Mulrone.

Edition #1 - 99c/77p pre-orders until November 25th. Normal novella price from Nov. 26th (I price mine at $1.99).

Edition two - a RED LINE DOUBLE. Packaged with A Scarecrow to Watch over Her (A Mulrones' Novella) for $1.99 (Pre-order price). The price for this edition will rise to $2.99 from Nov. 26th.

If you are interested, or curious, there are samples of all my current work in the 'sample' section above, along with back cover copy for a quick rundown of what these stories are about.

Free Promotions:

...all of which coincides nicely with a free promotion DarkFuse are running on my novella 'Flesh and Coin'. Flesh and Coin will be free from Nov. 27th for a few days.

All three novellas concern that matriach, known as Ma Mulrone. They're linked to Deadlift, too, and two novels, Hangman and Highwayman, which I've sold to DarkFuse. Highwayman is due December 2016.

Other promotions and freebies this month:

The big one, I guess, will be 'The Love of the Dead', which is free from 17th through 21st, a BookBub featured deal. Hopefully BookBub will push a few downloads, but to be honest, it's my first time...we'll see.

Check on any of the 'Rythe Tales' - for as long as I can manage, Rythe Awakes will be free, as will some of the other Rythe Tales. If you check each weekend, you'll find something.

In Part 3/4, to come, news of 'The Dead Boy', released 1st January 2016, available for pre-orders now in two editions (standard, and as a RED LINE DOUBLE) and my novella UNIT 731 out in January, too, in eBook and Limited Signed Hardcover editions.

In Part 4/4, news and details of the RED LINE novel and novella packages...and that, I think, will be just about it for this year until the 'end of year roundup'.

Love you, and thanks for reading. x

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