Friday, 15 January 2016

January Cheap or Free Promotions (2016)

Short blog today.

Spiggot is 99p in the UK today through 'til Sunday. In the US it will be 99c Jan 29th through 'til the 31st (Friday to Sunday).

Spiggot, Too is 99p in the UK today (Friday 15th) until Sunday, same as Spiggot. In the US it will be 99c from Jan 22nd to the 25th.

And, as always, Rythe Awakes is free every Saturday for the next five Saturdays. (I'd make it free for every Saturday if I could, but I only get five free days in a three-month enrollment period, so, you know...soz).

Love you!

Oh, small aside - I ordered proof copies of the print versions of 'The Dead Boy', 'RAIN', 'The Love of the Dead', and 'A Stranger's Grave' this week. I'll probably blog when these go live, should anyone be looking for print versions.

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