Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Dead Boy, out now.

A while back I wrote about being a hybrid author. I think. I can barely remember to toilet myself, so I might not have written anything along those lines at all. But, *cough*, never mind that.

The Dead Boy, my first 'selfy' horror release, was released in e-Book format on 1st January. I like the story a lot, and so I've been working on getting it on my actual, physical shelf. Here's the wrap-around:

There's a slight difference between this and the e-Book cover, because things that will work with e-Book image dimensions just won't work on a paperback. And, a physical paperback is around eight inches high, five wide. An ebook cover, on Amazon, is not. Things you learn, making your own covers...

I've been learning a fair bit. Later this year, I'll reissue lots of novels in paperback, but this is going to be the first print edition of 'The Dead Boy'.

There's a sample up above in the 'Samples' section if you fancy a taster.

As always, love you ;)