Sunday, 7 February 2016

February Free or 99p/c Promotions

This month's free/cheap promotions from me. There are all set to run the week of February 20th. Most will run 7 days, though The Outlaw King will be five days (freebies can only run five days.) The following titles will be on offer:

The Dead Boy/Vigil Double Bill: Horror/Apocalyptic Fiction
Death by a Mother's Hand/A Scarecrow to Watch over Her Double Bill: Horror
The Tides of Rythe: Fantasy
The Outlaw King (FREE): Fantasy
Dark Words: Horror

That's it for this blog. I'll try to remember to share again a few times before February 20th in case you miss this post. 

Otherwise I think I'm going to keep quiet for a while. Trying to find my mojo to get a novel done. Having to sneak up on it. 

Love you!

The Shed

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