Sunday, 10 April 2016

April FREE Promotions

The following will be FREE for a period of five days from 22nd April (Fri) 2016 until 26th April (Tuesday).

A Home by the Sea (Horror) - FREE

Damned to Cold Fire (Horror) - FREE

Spiggot, Too (Comedy) - FREE

Spiggot (Comedy)  - FREE

The Gold Ring (Comedy) - FREE

I'm also running just one 99c/p promotion for a newer title:

The Dead Boy (Apocalyptic/Horror) - 99c/p

These books are ALWAYS 99c/p:

Rythe Awakes (Heroic Fantasy)
The Outlaw King (Heroic Fantasy)
Days of Christmas (Noir/Comedy)
A Scarecrow to Watch over Her (Horror/Crime)
Spiggot (Comedy)
Death by a Mother's Hand (Horror)
Insulation (Horror)
The Walls of Madness (Horror)

Sorry about all the bold and italics...trying to make it stand out. Not sure it worked, but there you go. A load of free stuff, and some cheap stuff.

Anyway, if you do get something from free, and you can, I'm only doing it hoping for a review or two (not especially because I'm just really nice) so leave a review, eh? Or, just click 'follow' on my Amazon page if you visit.

Reviews probably help sales, as do 'follows'. Probably. I don't really know. I could find out, but what does it matter?

Love you. x

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