Wednesday, 29 June 2016

'Left to Darkness' Kindle Daily Deal June 30th

'Left to Darkness' 
Published by Darkfuse.

My novel 'Left to Darkness' is Amazon's Kindle Daily Deal, June 30th, one day only. Get it if you want it. 

'Craig Saunders writes with a style that is wickedly humorous yet dark and brutal, something to make you sit up and take note, danger, shock, then a laugh stifled. His stories literally snap, crackle and then burst from the page to slap you about the face, a true master of dark fiction who just cracks me up time after time. His characters are real, people you could imagine meeting, maybe having a drink with if you mixed in those circles, then maybe punching your lights out in a drunken argument, just because they could.' - Scream.

'A style reminiscent of a combination of early Simon Clark and Brian Keene. His dialogue crackles and his characters leap from the page. An apocalyptic tour de force!' - Michael McBride, author of Sunblind and Fearful Symmetry.

'A big, bad take on the apocalypse. Saunders brings the book to the edge of gratuitous violence in its lingering scenes on the violence and terror that is erupting along with the meteor strikes yet he never crosses the line and strays from the story. The characters are very real in their flaws as well as their virtues and this brings the story to life in a way that few authors are able to accomplish. "Left to Darkness" brings the despair and destruction to life and puts a permanent stamp on the reader's minds as one of the best apocalyptic novels in recent years.' - Examiner.

'Left to Darkness is a desperate journey through a land without hope. Harrowing." - Iain Rob Wright, author of The Gates and Final Winter.