Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bad Apples 3

Released: Sept 6th 2016

A teaser for this, Bad Apples 3. I'm proud to be part of this, with a group of writers I like an awful lot. It's nice to be asked. 

Here's a snippet of my story, 'October's End':

Harvey cleared his throat. He didn't want to speak, but it was a ritual they had every year.
            'It's Halloween tomorrow, grandmother.'
            'Is it, dear?'
            'Yes. I was thinking I might go out.'
            'Trick or treating, dear? Aren't you a little old for that?'
            I wasn't always old for that, he thought. But this was one of the many things he would never say. Not any longer.
            'I would like to. To see the leaves fall. Play with my...friends.'
            They're all dead now. Can you play with dead friends?
            'Oh, Harvey. But it is Halloween. I'm so very old. When the children come, you'll need to answer the door for me. I might have a fall myself.'
            Every year, grandmother had a reason. Perhaps for the first ten years Harvey argued, but he truthfully did not remember how long ago that was. Now, he was a far meeker boy. One with grey wisps of hair and thin, fragile bones.
            'Yes, grandmother,' he said.
            There might be a reason the house was called October's End, but he knew it never did, and never would, and names and houses and old ladies all lied...

That's your lot. I remember Halloween. Not the day, or trick or treating, but the spirit of it. I remember Creep Show, and Elvira, but mostly that vibe - horror that made you smile. I think that's why I wrote this. I hope you like it, and the rest of these slices of horror. 

Love you,
The Shed.

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